Manu'iwa's philosophy focuses on perpetuating the Hawaiian culture and spirit through outrigger canoeing. We work hard to combine an appreciation for family, nature, community, and competitiveness while having lots of fun. While we focus a large part of our efforts in competing in an east coast point-series, we welcome all paddlers.

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Manu’iwa Outrigger Canoe Club was founded in 1995 by a group of paddling enthusiasts with the intent of representing the Greater New England area in local as well as international paddling events.   The Manu’iwa Bird Our membership has consisted of paddlers with vast experience competing at the highest levels through to novices who have grown into the sport and are now able to compete at the highest level themselves. 

As a club our goal is to offer paddling challenges appropriate to the ability of anyone wishing to join us and help perpetuate the ‘aloha spirit’ with us in the unique and ancient sport of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing.  We aim to host/participate in paddling events on the East Coast with the intent of being the nucleus of a growing community of paddling clubs.  We enjoy being part of the local community and aspire to interest all ages in a wonderful sport that helps to blend real athletic commitment with the need to work closely with others in a team environment.  Manu’iwa is a founding member of ECORA  (East Coast Outrigger Racing Association) which consists of teams from all the major cities on the East Coast. 


Current Boats

Lokahi – (Together

This is our main 6 seat Outrigger Canoe with a long and successful record on the East Coast.  She is a ‘Force 5’ with a white hull and a red deck.

Ehu Kai  (Sea Spray)

Ehu Kai is also a 6 seat Outrigger Canoe, actually owned by one of our most experienced paddlers, and has won many of the races on the East Coast.  She is an all white Mirage

Pu’uwai – (From the heart)

Pu’uwai is a 4 seat Outrigger Canoe and affectionately known as the Duke.  She has a red deck on a white hull and is used mainly for practice sessions and training.

1 and 2 Man Canoes

We now have a number of One Person Outrigger Canoes (OC1) and a Two Person Outrigger Canoe (OC2) which all members can use.  They make training much easier and allow us to go out at any time (weather permitting) and take advantage of great conditions – fantastic when the wind changes and the surf is up!

SUP – Stand Up Paddleboards

We recently invested in a couple of SUPs just to help us have fun on the water.  A completely different type of paddling but fantastic exercise and we expect to grow this side of the club.